15 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger


One better hairstyle can take years or even decades off your face. It can help hide wrinkles, define your jawline, and accentuate your cheekbones. Hide your age without spending a lot of money on plastic surgery. These 15chic hairstyles will help you find the best option.

Haircut and hair type – what do I need to know?

When deciding on a haircut you should, first of all, take into consideration your hair type, because every haircut looks completely different on different hair. That is why it is very important when choosing a haircut to pay special attention to this parameter. The owners of normal straight or a little bit frizzy hair can afford any haircut.

1. Basic rules hair cutting

hair cutting

hair cutting (instagram.com)


According to stylists, age in the passport is not a hindrance to look stylish. In order for the chosen hairstyle to visually look much younger, you should pay attention to some points. Initially, it is necessary to refuse pronounced geometric lines, which may accentuate the unevenness of the face tone.

The preference, in this case, should be given to hair strands that are broken out of the hair, which skillfully distract from wrinkles.

Also the hairstyles with bangs are actual. It closes the forehead and helps to hide the wrinkles. Cascade hairstyles deserve special attention because the voluminous locks visually refresh and rejuvenate the image. When choosing hair color take into account the woman’s color type. Ladies over 40 years old are advised to refrain from the steel shade, which is involuntarily associated with gray hair.
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