10 Top Ideas of Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 40


Finding the ideal pixie hairstyles for women over 40 should consider many factors such as your style, hair thickness, hair color, face shape, etc. Here are some plans that we recommend to you.

10 – Trendy Two-Tone

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This two-tone pixie hairstyle offers black and white colors. The contrast combination looks really chic with strong lines.

For you who want to look cool after 40 years old, this can be considered as the perfect option.

The feathery vibe above also adds the coolness.

This hairstyle also requires you to create close layers at the nape.

Then, adding a side-swept fringe will make it perfect. Overall, this hairstyle is really impressing.

9 – Fashionable Black Tips on Brunette


Having thick hair is so good for you who want to wear pixie haircuts for women over 40.

It is really trendy and anti-mainstream.

The swept over short cut makes you really look fresh and unique compared to others.

It also provides attractive texture on the top.

The edgy detail on the long curved bangs will make it great.

It is not only appropriate for aged women but younger women may also wear this hairstyle perfectly.

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