15 Skin Care Tips for Women Over 50


The health of our skin is affected by many factors. We all know that factors like sun exposure, smoking, and stress can take their toll on the largest organ of our body. But for women who reach the golden age of 50 and older, the skin aging process is accelerated.
And if you’re obese or genetically predisposed to it, the process can double. So to combat this, here are 15 skin care tips for women over 50.

Lessen Soak Time in the Tub

After a long and tiring day, it seems like a tempting idea to bask and relax in the bathtub. It really is. But doing it longer than necessary can damage your skin. However, if you really enjoy taking a bath, you can add nutrients to the water from salt scrubs, oils, or moisturizing soaps.
This will help keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Also, don’t forget to additionally apply a moisturizer, oil or lotion after you get out of the bath and dry off.