18 Health Hacks You Can Use Every Day

1.If a bee or wasp lands on you, don’t slap it away so it retaliates. Instead blow
on it gently to get it off.

By VanoVasaio / shutterstock.com


2.Quit counting calories and start counting preservatives and chemicals. You
can never, ever outrun a bad diet.

3.Feeling too hot and need to cool down? Just run your wrists, where you have
a pulse point, under a cold tap for a few minutes and the water will cool your
blood and body down.

4.To help relieve sunburn, soak a paper towel in apple cider vinegar and dab it
on your sunburn for instant relief.

5.Want to know the correct tempo to give CPR chest compressions? It’s to the
beat of Staying Alive by the Bee Gees.

6.If you have trouble falling asleep, blink really fast for one minute. Tired eyes
help you fall asleep easier.

7.Another way to get to sleep: slowly count backwards from 99 with your eyes
closed. You should drift away before you get to zero.

8.If you suspect someone is checking you out, yawn. If they yawn back, it
means they did have their eye on you as yawning is visually contagious.

9.No time for exercise? Then do your squats, jumping jacks, push-ups and
crunches whenever you are doing more menial tasks like watching TV, cook-
ing dinner or waiting for your microwave to ding.

10.Stretch for five minutes before going to bed as it’s easier to sleep when
your muscles are relaxed.

11.Drink more water if you want to cut down on your food expenses. Many
people overeat because they mistake thirst for hunger. The more water you
drink, the less likely you are to binge on food or other beverages.

12.Did you know that the squares on your toothpaste tubes actually mean
something? Green means the ingredients are all natural. Red means it is
natural with some chemicals. Black means only chemicals have been used.

13.Learn to think of high sugar content drinks as dessert. Just because they are
liquid doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with calories and won’t eventually
end up as fat on your body.

14.On a diet and finding it hard to keep cravings at bay? Then keep a pack of
sugar-free gum on hand to avoid giving in to temptation. The chewing ac-
tion will curb your appetite and trick your mind into thinking it’s tempo-
rarily consuming something.

15.Listen to an interesting audiobook only while exercising so you feel tempted
to do it more often and for longer just to find out what happens next in the

16.Eat with your non-dominant hand as this will slow down your eating.

17.Use cinnamon instead of sugar and cream in your coffee for a naturally
healthy alternative-sweet kick.

18.Got a burnt tongue? Have a teaspoon of sugar to cure it.