4 tips for successfully sleeping despite the heat


Temperatures are starting to rise and being able to sleep well at night when you are hot is no small task. Here are some tips to help you get through this ordeal without breaking a sweat.
That’s it, the beautiful days have arrived and the heat that goes with it. It is sometimes painful to fall asleep when you are too hot and you try to find solutions to make sure you don’t wake up glued to the sheets. Some tips may seem like a boat but will help you a lot to get through hot nights.

tips for successfully sleeping

Don’t close your bedroom door

In order to create a draft in your apartment, remember to leave windows open and not close your bedroom door. Remember to put something heavy to block the door to prevent it from slamming and preventing you, in addition to the heat, from sleeping. During the day, in order to anticipate and have a peaceful night’s sleep, draw your curtains and leave your shutters closed.

The wet towel trick

Can’t take the heat anymore? How about trying the wet towel trick? Take a towel, wet it (hence the name of this trick), and place it in front of your open window so that the air entering the room is no longer cool. Don’t hesitate to try it another way, by putting that same wet towel in front of your fan.

What is the material of your sheets?

Are your sheets made of polyester? Bad point. This material tends to retain heat and resist water, which means that if you sweat, your sheets won’t absorb the water your body rejects. You will find yourself wet, which is unpleasant especially when you need a good night’s sleep. Instead, opt for 100% cotton sheets and you will see the difference.

Freshness of living

Before going to bed, wash your feet and forearms with ice water. You can also take a cold shower, no pun intended, to cool your body before getting under your sheets. Last but not least, try putting your pillow milk in the freezer shortly before bed. Freshness guaranteed!