5 things to do with a hair dryer


Obviously, you have a hairdryer at home. Do you often use it for something other than your hair? Here are some other practical uses you can make of this wonderful device!

5 things to do with a hair dryer

By TORWAISTUDIO / shutterstock.com

The blow dryer isn’t just for your hair; it can help you everywhere in the house.

1 Remove candle wax

Melt the candle wax that has fallen on your wooden table using the hairdryer on maximum temperature and minimum blower.

Remove the softened wax with a paper towel, then wipe with a cloth dipped in a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. Repeat the operation if necessary.
To remove the wax from a metal candle holder, soften it using the hairdryer and remove it by hand.

2 Clean radiators

Hang a large damp towel behind a cast iron radiator. Set the hairdryer to the lowest temperature and maximum blower, and run it over the radiator. Dust and dirt will stick to the towel.

3 Removing a sticker on a car

Set the hairdryer to the maximum temperature and blow on the adhesive for a few minutes to soften it. Lift a corner of the sticker with your fingernail or a credit card and peel it off.

4 Dusting artificial flowers and plants

Set your hairdryer to the lowest setting to quickly and effectively clean silk flowers and artificial ornaments. Dust settles on surrounding surfaces, clean the plants before vacuuming the room.

5 Dry the dog after the bath

The dryer is an essential grooming tool when it comes to long-haired dog breeds such as the Shih Tzu or the Collie. You certainly don’t want your best friend to have a cold. Just be careful not to dry her face!