7 Genius Living Room Organization Hacks


 1. New dining table idea – If you are bored with your older dining table, and want a newer one without using a lot of money, let me tell you how you can achieve that. Replace the conventional wooden legs of your older dining table with metallic hairpin legs that are the latest fad. You can make the table’s top sanded or stained to give it an altogether new look.

 2. For carpet Indentions – If there are indention marks on the carpet in the living room, no need to waste a lot of money getting that

repaired; simply put some ice cubes on them overnight. By morning, those indentions marks would be gone.

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 3. For lost remotes – If your remote controls often get lost in your living room, you have a way to keep them rooted now. Decide a place that would hold them. Attach one part of Velcro to that spot and another part to remote.  

 4. TV Rear – Enough of TV has been watched. Now pay some attention to its rear. Craft some flap underneath the TV or its rear so that enough space is there to keep wires, cords, CDs, video game consoles etc.

 5. Stack the Chairs – Buy chairs for your living room that can be stacked, thus saving a lot of space. The stacked chairs can be stored easily thus freeing the floor space in the living room.

 6. Vertical magazine holder – We all have seen a usual horizontal magazine holder. How about a vertical magazine rack that would look different and save a lot of your living room space?

 7. Your own stain wipes – To tackle all the stains and spills in your living room, you don’t really need those expensive wipes. You can make them at home and save money. Take a leak proof box and put in a mixture of 1 large teaspoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of water and 10 drops of liquid soap. Also, add some fragrant essential oil. Now add to the box paper towels that would soak up the liquidated mix. Store them in box and use them as and when needed.

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