7 things you won’t see on a cruise


If you’ve been planning a cruise in the near future, expect some changes in the most common habits on board. Here are the things you won’t be seeing on cruises anytime soon.

7 things you won't see on a cruise
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1 Relaxed boarding process

One of the first things that will change on cruises is the boarding process. According to the US 24-hour news channel CNN, Cruise Lines International Association has worked with member cruise lines to create new guidelines, which include more stringent boarding procedures.

2 Obsolete technologies

Did you want cruises to be modernized? You will be happy to learn that many of them are investing in new technologies, such as sterilization robots. “Sterilization robots are already in use in other parts of the travel industry such as the hospitality industry and could ensure sanitation standards equivalent to those of hospitals,” said Clare Lee, research analyst at Euromonitor International.

3 Conversations with the crew

If you enjoy socializing with the rest of the crew while cruising, you may need to change your habits. “You won’t see much socialization between the crew and the ship’s personnel anymore, now that physical contact and face-to-face interactions are risky,” said Willie Greer, founder of The Product Analyst.

4 Stroll on the deck of the ship

According to Greer, unless you’re a VIP passenger, you may not be allowed to visit the ship’s deck anytime soon. This measure would serve to avoid gatherings and encourage compliance with social distancing measures.

5 Smoking on the ship

“If you are a smoker or a vaper, cruise ships won’t appeal to you as more and more companies are no longer offering smoking areas to their passengers,” says Greer. “There are even ships that do not allow smoking on board at all. So, it’s worth thinking twice before embarking on a multi-day trip to the Bahamas. ”

6 Traditional cruise activities

Cruises offer a variety of activities to entertain passengers. However, some of these activities could be forgotten. “Due to the growing awareness of climate change and the environment, many activities are now frowned upon. Say goodbye to throwing love messages into glass bottles, golfing on the bridge and party firecrackers! Instead, think about the marine animals you are helping! ”Says Greer.

7 Self-service buffet

“Customers can expect to no longer see self-service buffets, but a full buffet will still be available on board,” says Ilana Schattauer, travel blogger.

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