Aloe Vera Peel Off Gel


Aloe Vera is one of the most sought after a natural ingredient that soothes skin allergies. Its ability to cure allergies is diverse from healing sunburn to relieving pain caused due to swelling and itching and even calming down irritation. 

Aloe Vera Peel Off Gel


Ingredients :

1 healthy and thick leaf of the aloe vera plant, freshly plucked 
¼ cup of any natural preservative such as Vitamin C powder or a Vitamin E 


 Slice off the outer leaf layer of the aloe plant. Look for a leaf that is fresh and growing close to the bottom of the plant. Put them in a cup of water to soak to let any upper impurities drain out. Then start to peel the green portion of the leaves away giving way to the gel portion of the leaf inside. Now all you need to do is to use a spoon and scoop out the inner gel portion of the plant and add it to a bowl. At this point, mix your natural preservative in the gel completely and store in a jar. Your gel is now ready to use on sunburns or mild cuts or even on dry skin or se- vere allergies.