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PICK UP GLASS SHARDS. Every time I break a dish in the kitchen (it happens more often than I care to admit), I get paranoid that I’ve missed tiny glass shards that will then become painfully lodged in bare feet or bare paws. That is, until I learned of this ingenious method to pick up all of those little pieces. Take a piece of white bread and press it all over the area. It will pick up even then the smallest pieces of glass.

Floors Cleaning Hacks
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Hide scratches on the hardwood. Dab some olive oil (or apply to a cloth attached to
your Swiffer) on scratches in your hardwood floors to hide and condition them. Be
sure to buff out the slippery-ness.

Dealing with pet hair. I have two big, lovable dogs who shed A LOT. The best way I’ve found to deal with this is to sweep a rubber squeegee over the carpet (you’ll be amazed at all of the hair this pulls to the surface), then vacuum thoroughly.

Keeping baseboards clean. Before you vacuum your carpets, use the vacuum’s brush attachment on your baseboards and in the corners.

Get rid of carpet stains. Spray a stubborn stain with a mixture of two parts hot water and one part vinegar. Place a damp cloth over the spot, then press a hot, steaming iron over the cloth for about 30 seconds. Repeat if necessary. To remove urine and throw-up stains, make a paste of baking soda and water, then spread it onto the stain and let it dry overnight. The next day, vacuum the whole thing up.

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