How do today’s stars look whose careers ended after plastic surgery?


The actresses were unhappy with their looks. They thought that with the help of plastic surgery they would change for the better, and it would have a positive impact on their careers. However, the stars were very much mistaken. And now they are called failed examples of plastic surgery. Their fate no one wants to repeat.

Daryl Hannah

American actress, wife of Neil Young enjoyed great popularity. She had bright and memorable roles. Daryl tried to prolong her youth and lost the battle with old age. Beauty shots and facelifts robbed her of her natural beauty. The blonde became unnatural looking. For this reason, directors refuse to work with the film diva. The last film with her participation was released in 2015. In “The Eighth Sense” she reincarnated as Angelica “Angel” Turing.

Nicole Kidman

From time to time the actress attends social events. Not so long ago she started complaining about ageism. She complains that over the years it is more difficult to find a job. But critics believe that this is not a matter of age. The actress was keen on beauty treatments and plastic surgery. Her wrinkles have smoothed out, but Nicole has lost her natural charm. Her cheekbones and chin have been pumped up with fillers. Worst of all, she has ruined her facial expression. This means that Nicole can no longer express her emotions.

Melanie Griffith

The actress regrets the fact that she turned to plastic surgeons. This step was prompted by her insecurity. Melanie was worried that Antonio Banderas would leave her. He recalls that there were times when he banned his wife from visiting plastic surgeons and beauticians. Spouses quarreled about it. The actor stopped recognizing his wife, was seriously concerned about her mania to improve her face and figure. In 2015, they divorced. Griffith hardly ever appears in films, but she voices foreign films and is grateful for this opportunity.

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