how to clean your room

YOUR BEDROOM SHOULD be a haven—fresh and clean without any distracting clutter or filth. Keep the space tidy with these easy tips.

Disinfecting your mattress. Do you ever lay awake at night thinking about how you spend a third of your life on an old mattress that can’t be washed? No? Maybe it’s just me. Fortunately, there IS a way to clean your mattress, and it’s very simple.
Just pour vodka (rubbing alcohol works as well) into a spray bottle and spritz light-ly over your mattress. Let air dry before putting clean sheets on the mattress. The alcohol disinfects and kills odor-causing bacteria.

By Vipada Kanajod /


Kill dust mites. Did you know that eucalyptus and clove essential oils have been proven to be effective for eliminating household dust mites? Add 10 to 15 drops of the oil to your laundry detergent and wash the sheets in hot water. You can also fill a bottle with water and several drops of essential oil to spray on upholstery and your mattress.

You CAN wash pillows. Unless the care instructions on your pillow say otherwise, you can just toss your entire pillow in the washing machine. Wash each pillow separately in warm water with the gentle cycle. Air dry or tumble dry on medium heat. Note: never machine wash down and feather pillows.

Cleaning your ceiling fans. Take an old pillowcase and hook it over one fan blade at a time (so that the fan blade is inside the pillowcase). Slowly wipe the pillowcase back towards you. Not only will you clean the fan blade, you’ll also avoid getting dust in your hair or on the floor underneath the ceiling fan!

Make quick work of lampshades. Dust your bedroom lampshades with a lint roller, or slip an old sock onto your hand, spritz with alcohol or cleaner, and run it quickly over the lampshades.

Bed making made easy. Before you get out of bed, pull the sheets and covers up to your chin. Then, when you get out, your bed is nearly made. Just a little bit of straightening and tucking and you’re finished! Keep dirty laundry in its place. Tired of dirty clothes tossed all over the floor? Keep a laundry basket in a place that’s easily accessible, so it’s no problem to simply throw dirty clothes in and separate later.
Do less laundry. Put up a couple of hooks in your closet or behind a door where you can hang up clothes, towels, and robes that have been worn but don’t yet need to be laundered.