How To Get Rid of Ants In The House In 5 Easy Steps

It’s one thing to see ants out in nature but once you find them all over your house it’s time to take action before the invasion gets worse. If you have ants in the house and you want to get rid of them, follow these five easy steps.

How To Get Rid of Ants


1. Ants have to come from somewhere, right? The source of your ant problem is the Queen ant. Queen ants produce large amounts of offspring and killing the queen is a surefire way to stop the growth of your new pests. The Queen is quite larger than all the other ants and they also have little wings. If the ants have a colony established in your house, you’ll need to locate their nest and destroy it.

2. The next step to getting rid of ants in your house is to stop feeding them. With ants being so small they are able to find small crumbs, pet food and other small treats throughout your house to feast on. Try cleaning more often and it’s best to keep pet food in a sealed container to prevent access from ants and other pests.

3. Ant colonies often send out a “scout” or a single ant to find food. Once this ant comes back to the colony with food, he will tell all of the other ants where to meet up for dinner. It’s best to eliminate all the scouts before they alert the rest of the colony where the food is.

4. Seal up all the cracks. Because ants are so small, they are able to locate several places to get into your home. You should be able to to locate most of the obvious entryways for ants and seal them up, however you may not find their secret doorway until you see them filing into your house by the dozen.
5. Use liquid or gel ant baits and place them in places where you have spotted the ants. The ants will take the bait back to their home and share it with their friends and they will all die within a couple of days.

If you follow these five simple steps, you will eliminate all of the ants in your house and should deter any ants from coming back in the future.