how to get rid of cockroaches naturally at home

We all know cockroaches – and believe that they the most unpleasant neighbors. Living with us, they embody a special mission. They are organisms which are of use for us.

What do I mean? They eat our scraps and in such way they make the small contribution in the process of cleaning of our houses.

Despite it, nobody address to cockroaches with gratitude. Because of the harm they bring – they transfer various diseases.

How to get rid of cockroaches naturally
By SiNeeKan /

Just imagine what can happen if they will be caught by the baby who will decide to taste them? And in general, we revolt to these creatures.

It is natural, if cockroaches come into the house, you will try to get rid of them.
There are many ways to do this. From television we know that fashionable traps and chemical preparations exist.

Also it is possible to use karbofos as it is used by Sanitary and epidemiological center.
But most methods have their own disadvantages. Cockroaches disappear for a short time and appear again soon.

Or just the quantity of cockroaches will decrease.

The main disadvantage of karbofos is an unpleasant smell.

It is necessary to know that chemical preparations which we often used can be harmful for people and animals.

The smell of toxic chemicals can lower our resistibility to illnesses. Children and pets can poison with toxic materials.

Biological means of combating against cockroaches
It is more reasonable to use biological ways of struggle against cockroaches.
We sure that you heard about this method, but to reach result, it is necessary to show patience.

You will get rid of cockroaches for three weeks not immediately but forever.
We need to consider the basic features of behavior and a structure of cockroaches.

Cockroaches can live without meal, but not without water. Water is life for them!
The half-dead cockroach can survive, if it reaches water.
Cockroaches small and it is impossible to kill them, simply having blocked access to water.
Cockroaches can survive having only one drop of water. They stay at your house, even if you hide all meal, because you never hide the whole water.
Cockroaches are very curious. They instantly come nearer to a new bright and unknown subject.
Cockroaches don’t impart experience with each other. But to warn each other

about approaching threat, they are certainly capable.

Indispensable means against cockroaches
The best poison from cockroaches – boric acid. They begin to feel a strong itch after tasting it. If the cockroach has eaten such acid, he will never return to your place if he will survive certainly.So, for the struggle with these creatures, strew boric acid (Acidum boricum) all about water.Don’t worry to strew, this acid is harmless both for animals and for people.

There willbe enough 50 gram of acid for a small apartment. But cockroaches catch a smell of boric acid and will try to avoid meeting with it.
Therefore we use a method № 2.We take a crude yolk of an egg; we mix it with boric acid to density. We mold balls, we dry them and we put balls everywhere. As soon as the cockroach will touch a ball – he is doomed.

Each cockroach can infect the others. In 4 weeks, you begin to sweep daily heaps of corpses, then cockroaches will disappear.

For full confidence that they won’t appear anymore – use both methods of struggle.If you think that it is easier to kill cockroaches with slippers, keep in mind that they very hardy and it is necessary not only to slam cockroaches, but also to smear it.