How to make your perfume last longer?


Let’s face it: perfumes are expensive. We love their intoxicating scents, but we often have the impression that they get empty too quickly. And for good reason, we tend to put back several spritzes during the day. Simply because the fragrance is ephemeral and never lasts long enough. How to avoid all these repetitive sprays to be able to make some savings? We’ve just discovered a trick to make your perfume “stick” to your skin a little longer. Discover it!

How to make your perfume last longer?

Finally, social networks can be very useful: they can even become a real source of inspiration full of tips and unknown methods to simplify our lives. For example, recently, a TikTok user revealed a secret and infallible technique to make perfume smell longer. You should have thought of it!

How do you make perfume last longer?

Her name is Erin Dugan, she specializes in beauty tutorials and she had the great idea of using a popular product we all know: Vaseline. We already knew that this texture is incredibly versatile and has many uses, especially in the cosmetic field, but did you know that this transparent gel could also allow you to make the scent of your fragrance last on the skin? This is exactly what the young blogger explains to all her followers on Tik Tok and Instagram.

The process is very simple: just apply a little Vaseline to the inside of your wrists, elbows or neck, and then spray the perfume on those same places. This way it will last longer.

Erin also assured that this tip also works great with body cream. Of course, the cologne or perfume should be applied before the cream is completely absorbed.

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