Look Out for These 34 Common Garden Insects

  1. Aphids – Small sap sucking pests that can be green, black, brown, pink, and multicolored.
  2. Asparagus Beetle – Small oblong-shaped pest with a reddish shell and yellow or white spots or an orange shell and black spots
  3. Assassin bugs – Small beneficial bugs that vary in size and coloring depend- ing on their species
  4. Brown Damsel Bugs – Small dull-brown beneficial predators
  5. Cabbageworms – Fuzzy green caterpillar pests that are the larvae of white moths.
  6. Cucumber Beetles – Yellow-shelled pest with black dots like a ladybug
  7. Colorado Potato Beetle – A stripe-backed pest with a reddish head.
  8. Corn Earworm – Small green worm pests found on corn
  9. Cutworms – Small multi-colored moth caterpillar pests
  10. Earwigs – Smooth, long-bodied pests that are reddish brown and feature a large pincer at the end of their body
  11. Grasshoppers – Distinctive looking pest that can be shades of browns, yel- lows, and greens with black accents
  12. Ground Beetles – Soil-dwelling beneficial predatory beetles that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  13. Hover-flies – Small beneficial predatory wasps that look like bees
  14. Hunter Wasps – Small beneficial predatory wasps
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  1. Japanese Beetles – Black bodied pest with orange-ish wings and green irides- cence on its head and back
  2. Lacewings – Small beneficial flying insect with large veined wings
  3. Ladybugs – Small beneficial flying beetles with red shells covered in black polka dots
  4. Mexican Bean Beetle – Small pest that looks like a washed out ladybug with a yellow or orange head
  5. Minute Pirate Bugs – Very, very small beneficial predatory bug that is black and brown
  6. Parasitic Wasps – Small beneficial parasitic wasps that come in a range of sizes and colors depending on their species
  7. Parasitic Nematodes – Microscopic parasitic beneficials that can be seeded into a garden
  8. Praying Mantis – Large distinctive looking beneficial predator
  9. Scale – Very small pests that look like bumps on leaves and stems, can be varying colors and shapes
  10. Slugs – Long, smooth, slimy, worm-like pests with two or more horn-shaped protuberances on their head
  11. Snails – Pests that look like slugs with a shell on their back
  12. Soldier Beetles – Red and black stink bugs that are beneficial predators
  13. Spiders – Eight-legged garden predators that are beneficial for pest control
  14. Spider Mites – Tiny pests that look like grains of sand on a leaf
  15. Squash Bugs – Small pests with oval-shaped green or brown flat bodies
  16. Squash Vine Borers – White, segmented worm pests that look very similar to maggots
  17. Tachinid Flies – Brown and gray beneficial parasitic flies
  18. Thrips – Very small pests with long cylindrical bodies that can be green, black, and tan
  19. Tomato Hornworms – Fat green caterpillar pests with distinctive pseudo-segmented bodies and feet.
  20. Whiteflies – Small whitefly pests