Natural Solutions to Colour Your Hair

There are many different chemical compounds that can be found in hair dyes, such as ammonia or peroxide, which can be very harmful when used on your hair.
Not only do these chemicals damage your hair, they can rob both your hair and scalp of its natural moisture.


By Kapitula Olga /


Repeated exposure to these types of chemicals, such as that which occurs when retouching your hair colour every six weeks, can permanently damage your hair.

This often leads to hair loss, breakage and split ends. It can also end up leaving your tinted locks appearing dull and lifeless.
However, there are hair tints that are derived from all natural ingredients that won’t contaminate your hair with harsh, unwanted chemicals.

Henna is a natural colouring agent that is quite often used in natural hair and skin dyes. Henna is a plant which contains a natural dying agent that works well on both human hair and skin. It can be found in many hair tints, and it’s also used frequently for body art and tattoos.

Henna is a naturally red product. Therefore, it will produce warm colours from the red undertones. For example, a golden or caramel colour can be produced using henna dyes, but ashen or white colours cannot be made from the henna plants.

If you wish to experiment with your own henna based hair dyes, most beauty supply stores will offer a powdered henna mixture you can use at home. You can easily make a paste from this powder by adding a little lemon juice which reacts well with the components in the henna.

This gives you the opportunity to experiment with darker or lighter shades of hair colour, by adjusting the amount of henna you use in your homemade for-mula.

handling henna, since it dyes the skin as well as the hair.
You should also protect the skin on your face by rubbing some petroleum jelly around the hairline to prevent the henna from penetrating the skin.

If you have your hair dyed professionally, make sure you ask if they have henna based tints.
Most reputable establishments do, or at the very least, can place a special order for you.
For long term hair care, using henna for colouring is much better than chemical hair dyes any day.