natural ways to get rid of roaches in home


If you reside in the United State house, the chances of coming across cockroaches is very high. You are bound to find a cockroach roaming around your bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes you might have to endure the horrific experience of them flying around. Aside the fact that these cockroaches are not appealing to the eyes, they are also disease carriers and might have some harmful germs on them.

Luckily, if you are reading this, it means you are in the right pace. There are variety of ways for you to kill a roach and stop them from coming back into your house.

Cockroaches have been in existence for as long as anyone can remember. There have been able to transcend time and remain the same. Scientifically, there over four thousand unique species of roaches worldwide, about four hundred and fifty can be found in Australia alone. The most popular roaches can be found in the U.S.A and are known as the United State cockroaches, there are also other species like the American cockroach and the German cockroach.

What attracts a cockroach?
Before you go into how to get rid of cockroaches we also have to ask ourselves, what really attracts a cockroach? Knowing this is the first step to getting rid of cockroaches. Once you do you can prevent them from coming into the house. Cockroaches love food a lot and get drawn to any food source, whether it is with a human, a pet, or on a cardboard.

Cockroaches also like warm and humid environment, this is why you can see them a lot in the kitchen and bathroom. It is important you make as much effort as you can to prevent dirty dishes and garbage from mounting up in your house.

Endeavour to clean your house properly and all your kitchen appliances, and also remember to perform regular checks on the drainage system and kitchen sink for leakages. If you have pets at home remember to clean their plates and bowls before going to bed at night.

How to get rid of cockroaches
For those who don’t know, there is a saying that cockroaches might be able to withstand a nuclear holocaust that said, they have been in existence for quite a while. However, there are several effective ways of getting rid of cockroaches. Some of which we will be discussing below.