Naturally Cleaning Your Kitchen Fast


Cleaning up the kitchen is probably another targeted area that people just don’t want to work on. It’s filled with appliances, and you certainly don’t want to spend all day working on this. but, did you know you could clean your kitchen in only a few minutes?

That’s right, with speed cleaning your kitchen, you’ll be able to have an even better home and one that fits you.

Now the first thing that you want to do is start off with the sink area. This is the one place that you always want to keep empty and clean. If nothing else, keep this place nice and clean. Not only does a sink that’s clean look better, but it also is a lot more hygienic as well.

Think about it, a dirty sink that has grody items everywhere doesn’t look good, and there are a lot of bacteria that sit there and fester.

Naturally Cleaning Your Kitchen Fast

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It’s gross, so take care of it. You’ll feel inspired to keep your dishwasher going but also as well to take care of the counters, the fridge, and the stove as well. You should certainly work towards this immediately and definitely do this.
Now, every single day, you really should wipe down all of these, and added to it, either sweep, vacuum, or use a Swiffer on the floor if you have one.

This should take less than five minutes.
But, if you’re going to be cleaning up the kitchen, there are a few other things that you should tackle. First, you should take care of the garbage. You should make sure that all of the trash on the counter, and anything that’s obviously out of place, is cleaned up. You should get one of those big trash cans, and have an array of kitchen trash bags at hand so that you’re able to have an even better, and more sound life.

From there, you should start to tackle the dusting. You should begin with the top, getting the corners, and from there, any vents that are up at the top. You can wipe down any of the wood surfaces with either Pledge or something else that effectively cleans wood if you want that, but obviously that’s kind of up to you, if that’s fine.

You can do this, or just wipe down any dust that’s located there.
From there you should wipe down the counters as well. Go from back to front, wiping down everything that you have around. These tend to get really messy, and if you have appliances, wipe these down too in order to have a much better and easier time with this sort of thing.

From there, let’s tackle the oven and the stove. Nor, you don’t have to clean the oven today, but it’s advised that if you have a self-cleaning oven, then you should do that at some point. Clean it, and then from there make sure that you wipe out all of the ash that’s left behind. For the purpose of today, first wipe down everything with a dry microfiber rag. From there, if you can’t get it to go away, you should then use a sponge, and start to work on all of the grease and debris that you have going on.

From there, if you need to, after that wipe it down with a damp cloth as well.
You should start from the back to the front, and get all of the parts of the stove, including the burners.

For the front of the oven, use a stainless-steel cleaner as needed, otherwise, a damp sponge against the handle and such should do the trick.
Now, for the fridge, if something smells obviously rancid, get that out of there by tossing it. You don’t have to do a full cleanup, but if you go in there, smell something funny, and know what it is, toss it. From there, don’t even bother with the inside of the fridge, unless it looks super nasty. Then, you might want to consider this.

After that, grab a dry microfiber wipe and from there start from the top and go down, dusting off the fridge. Damp it, and then get any stains that are there. Make sure as well to get the handles of the fridge, since this is often a place where you might avoid it, simply because you didn’t think to take care of it.
Now, from here, if you have anything else that needs to be pitched, do it now.

Otherwise, either vacuum or mop down the floors, whichever you prefer to do. You should from there be able to take care of the kitchen, and you’ll have a place that’s nice and tidy as well.
If you have any sorts of magazines or the like that are sitting on the counter, put them in their rightful place. With all of these, you should definitely strive to tidy up the location more than anything. For your dining room table, get rid of anything that is sitting here, and you should then wipe down the table as well.

The chairs are mostly just kept the way that they are, maybe a small wipe down with a microfiber cloth as needed.
Now, that’s really all you have to do, but there are a few things you can do to make this even better for yourself.
If you want to make the sink look really clean, and you’ve got time, here is how.

Finally, if you want to, especially if you’ve already thrown away trash and want to create some ambiance for you, you can always start to dim the lights and light some candles in order to soften your home, and also to help with hiding any sort of spaces that aren’t super clean. This is an optional step, but it could be a nice one, especially if you’re having company over for dinner, or an intimate guest that you feel would enjoy this.

With this chapter, you should certainly keep in mind what you can do in order to help clean up your kitchen. Try this, and you’ll realize right away just how nice it is to speed clean a kitchen, and why it is important to keep some of these steps in outside of cleaning.