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CLEAN (AND FLAVOR) your grill. Cut a white onion in half and insert a fork into the domed end. Rub the flat end of the halved onion back and forth across the grates of a still-warm grill. The onion will clean the grill and, as a bonus, will add some yummy flavor.


By Marina Lohrbach / shutterstock.com


Speed-clean your house exterior. Next time you have the hose out, playing or watering your plants, give your house exterior, including the doors, windows, and sidewalks, a quick highest pressure-setting spray to wash away any dirt and grime.

Clean outdoor furniture. While you have the hose out, go ahead and remove any cushions from your outdoor furniture and spray down the furniture.

Put the cushions back once the furniture has dried.
The easy way to clean the garage.

You probably know that sweeping the garage can be an overwhelming proposition.

Next time, ditch the broom and grab your leaf blower instead. It’s a lot quicker, you don’t have to move any heavy items, and you can also use it to clean off work surfaces and shelves.

Obviously, before you begin, remove any small items that you don’t want to discard that might be blown away or knocked over by the leaf blower.

I would also recommend that you wear safety glasses, a mask, and ear plugs. Just to be safe.

This method works really well for  sidewalks and patios as well.