Shampoo Properly on Scalp, Not the Ends


One common mistake people make when shampooing is focusing on the wrong part of their hair, that is, the ends, instead of working on the part that most needs to be clean so that it can absorb your after-shampoo treatment: the roots of the hair, near your scalp.




For your hair to grow, the pores on your scalp need to be stimulated.

They shouldn’t be clogged up with dirt, flakes, etc., so that they can absorb the benefits of nutrients and any other hair “food” you might use to nourish your hair.

This is how a proper shampooing session is done:

1. First, wet your hair under the shower for two minutes. Make sure there’s enough water on your hair so that, later on, the shampoo can foam and do its job properly.

2. Next, apply the shampoo evenly (to the front, sides, and back of your head).

3. Start rubbing your head by concentrating on the scalp (away from the water).

4. Focus on the scalp for the next 60 seconds. Don’t worry about shampooing the strand all the way down to the tips.
When you rinse, the shampoo and water will slide down the hair and automatically take care of cleaning the ends.

5. If you really need to, repeat the process one more time, to make sure that your scalp is totally clean. Applying shampoo no more than twice will ensure a clean scalp and prevent over drying your hair. Most people find one application of shampoo is sufficient, despite the manufacturer’s recommendations to “rinse and repeat.”

6. End your shampooing session by rinsing your hair. Use a conditioner if you wish and leave it on the hair for two minutes, to help detangle your hair.
If you’re using a deep conditioning product, dry your hair with a towel before applying the conditioner and leave it on for 15 minutes, which is supposed to maximize its moisturizing effects.

ASSIGNMENT: Adopt this technique from now on, keeping in mind that you should be concentrating on a clean scalp more than your full length of hair, to prevent breakage and avoid over-drying.