The 6 best tips for beautiful hair


Here are the six best tips for having beautiful, healthy, and silky hair all year long!

The 6 best tips for beautiful hair
By Sofia Zhuravetc /

Among the best tips for having beautiful hair, avoid heaters.

If you regularly use devices that expose your hair to intense heat, first apply a product that will protect it from heat. Products based on royal jelly or vitamin B5 will create a protective layer that will prevent damage while conditioning the hair and removing traces of previous damage.

The second tip for beautiful hair: protect your hair from the sun

During the summer, we protect our skin well from the sun’s rays, but we often forget our hair. Even if the effects of the sun on our hair are not extremely severe, they can make them dry, brittle, or make them look dull. Use regular or leave-in shampoos and conditioners that provide protection against UVA or UVB and prevent dehydration.

Among the best tips for having beautiful hair, use the appropriate brushes and combs.

Use the comb only with wet hair. With dry hair, a comb is stiffer than a brush and can break the fibers by clinging to the curled ends of the hair.

Leave your hair loose, so it stays beautiful and silky.

If you tie your hair regularly, consider changing your habits. By linking them, you can damage them because you compress and pull them abnormally. The elastic can also help break the fibers.

Avoid ammonia products to have beautiful hair.

Permanent hair dyes usually contain ammonia. This product can make hair dry and break the ends. In recent years, new permanent or semi-permanent dyes without ammonia have appeared on the market. If possible, use this type of product instead to avoid damaging your hair.

The simple trick to having beautiful hair: be natural!

It is an open secret; those with curly hair dream of flat hair and vice versa. To get flat or curly hair, you must use intense heat and many products that can be harmful. For healthy, shiny hair, avoid looking for an unnatural appearance. Change your hairstyle only for special occasions. Moderation is always less damaging.

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