The Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type

It’s true that your hairstyle will say a lot about you, so perhaps the style you choose should begin with your personality and then work with your hair’s texture and color to enhance both equally. Women who are more active and play sports might opt for a short pixie cut, while a girl who likes to hit the town a lot might feel like she needs extra length to pull off a sexier look.

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On the other hand, business women may choose long or short styles that are reserved and expertly styled so that there are no hairs that are out of place.

Conversely, a nature-loving girl may have free-flowing waves and a more creative type will spike, curl, straighten or frizz their hair out as their mood strikes.
If you have oily hair, growing out your bangs may be the best option, since hair that hangs over your forehead can easily collect excess oil.

If you do have bangs and your hair is oily, try to wear them parted to the side or gather then up loosely with a pin on the top of your head for a quick fix.

Or slide on a wide headband to keep your hair off your forehead. Up-dos, like a French twist or a loose bun, hide oily hair the best, rather than a slicked-back ponytail that will just accentuate the oily area.

If you have dry hair, stay away from short haircuts that can end up looking poofy.
Instead, go for shoulder-length hair that has plenty of layers. Getting your hair cut into a bob or a blunt cut can cause dry ends to really stand out, which you don’t want to do. If you have dry hair that is naturally curly, let it grow longer.

Ask your hairstylist for a haircut that doesn’t require daily use of a hair dryer or hot styling tools that will only make your hair drier with regular use.
Those with fine and or thin hair can get away with a dramatic angled bob or even jagged edges that look modern and funky.

Using a volumizer at the roots will help give some lift and make these types of styles look their best.
Women with thick hair have a lot of options. They can go short for a low- maintenance look; they can wear a chin-length bob, so long as layers are expertly cut so that the hair doesn’t look too wide; or they can opt for longer hair with layers.

However, keep in mind that longer hair typically takes more styling and thick and/or coarse hair can take longer to style with heating tools simply because the hair is thicker.