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Tricks with Highlights and Contours for a More Youthful Face


Your next step to creating a beautiful face is to apply highlights and contours that can actually highlight your best features and play down those you may not like as much.
In fact, done correctly, you can even change the shape of your features with the use of certain makeup.

You can make a nose appear small, define your cheekbones, play up your eyes and generally make your face look younger, more sophisticated and polished.
You’ll use highlighting makeup to lighten certain areas of your face.

By Irina Bg / shutterstock.com

This can be accomplished with a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone or a cream or powder makeup that is specifically made to be used as a highlighter.

Some have a slight shimmer to them, as the role of a highlight is to attract light, and with the shimmer, it works double-time. Highlights are typically white, nude or beige.

Highlighting areas of your face accentuates them and draws the eye to them and can even appear to “lift” them—especially the cheekbones or the brow bone, which both suffer from some sagging due to age.
Contouring makeup is used to darken strategic areas of your face.

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It can also be a concealer that is two to three shade darker than your skin tone or a darker foundation or a bronzer that is darker than your typical cheek color. Contours are typi- cally tan, brown or even a deep, dark shade of red.
Contouring certain spots will help to make them look more chiseled and actually aid the highlighted areas to take more of the attention.
Contouring can even help certain features look smaller, like a large forehead or wide nose.

When highlighting, it’s typically best to apply the light shade to the center of your forehead, underneath the outside corner of your eyebrow, under you eye, along the top of your nose, the top of your cheekbones, in the center point of you lip (the cupid’s bow) and on the end of your chin.
When contouring, apply the darker color to your hairline, typically at the temples, along the sides of your nose, the upper crease of your eye lid, below your cheekbones, along the jawline and even on the center of your neck.

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