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Is health conscious? Try turmeric! 

Believe it or not, any beautician who is interested in beauty products and natural ingredients which add to your beauty quotient is definitely going to suggest the addition of a little bit of turmeric, along with wheat bran, honey, or yogurt and Fullers Earth to any other mixture, in order to make a facemask. 
So turmeric stains; but it is also the best antiseptic agent for your skin.

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Natural Skin Remedy

 Now, this young lady cannot stop fiddling with her skin because she thinks that she is suffering from either a possible pimple, a potential wrinkle, or perhaps a blemish.

If she applies a paste of turmeric, along with a little bit of milk cream to her skin, as a facemask, and removes it after it has dried, she is going to have a much healthier and much better-moisturized skin. 

Also, because she is irritating the possible pimple, and making sure that the infection spreads all over her face, she is soon going to suffer from scars. And then she will have to apply turmeric and water paste, all over the scars, in order to lessen their visibility and intensity. 

Getting Rid of Skin Blemishes

 Now this is a natural facemask, which is used as a cleanser, and moisturizer for your skin, and which will stop you using chemical-based soaps and cleansers. Just add a little bit of turmeric powder to coconut oil, and hot milk – 1 teaspoon each. Now use that as a soap to get rid of all the dust and grime and dead cells. This also clears your complexion and gets rid of layers of grime, which may cause potential pimples and other skin ailments.

Getting Rid of Sunburn Sunscreen?

Try wearing a hat and then use my sun burn remedy. Now I am a sun worshiper. I just love soaking in the sun. But the sad side effect of all this spoiling myself is, that I find myself badly sunburned, and also face potential skin damage, which is going to cause me wrinkles when I reach my 60s. Just add a little bit of turmeric to fresh yogurt, and apply it all over the sunburned area. This is going to bring your skin back to normal.
Of course, it is going to take a while but persevere every day. And keep out of the sun. 

Turmeric Body Mask

 In the Indian subcontinent, brides have to face a complete body mask, made up of turmeric, chickpea powder, coconut, or almond oil, and sandalwood powder. This is done for one week before the wedding ceremony every evening when all the bride’s friends gather around her. Of course, the sandalwood is extremely expensive, but you can get the same effect by leaving out the sandalwood and using the rest of the ingredients to scrub your skin from top to toe. 

Oatmeal Turmeric Scrub 

Try using an oatmeal scrub with a little bit of turmeric and a little bit of milk cream on that rough skin on your elbows, neck and knees. This is going to smoothen it out, and it is also going to refresh you. Apply this 20 minutes before you take your shower, and by the time, the hot water is ready for your shower, the oatmeal and turmeric will have dried. You are now slowly going to rub it off to get healthy, glistening, smooth and well-moisturized skin.