What you do not know about Quinoa


Quinoa is not grass like rice and wheat. It is classified in the category of “pseudo-cereals”. Because of its nutritional value and its components, quinoa is considered a complete food.
20g of raw quinoa is ½ cup cooked quinoa. They have 75 kcal including 2.6 g of protein (for the regeneration of skin, bones, and muscles), 13.8 g of carbohydrate, 1.2 g of lipid and 1.4 g of dietary fiber.

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-Quinoa is the ideal food for people who have significant nutritional needs in quantity and quality, including athletes, pregnant women (or breastfeeding women). Quinoa is also suitable for infants. Vegetarians particularly appreciate quinoa for its protein intake.

-Quinoa is an excellent source of Magnesium but also provides iron and copper. These elements play an important role in the formation of red blood cells, hemoglobin and collagen and the delivery of oxygen into the body. Quinoa also has a significant contribution of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B2 (or riboflavin).

Rich in soluble fiber, quinoa helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and in the fight against type 2 diabetes. Fibers act by regulating the level of cholesterol, insulin, and glucose present in the blood. Quinoa has a high antioxidant content which helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

-Quinoa is cooked in many different ways, both in sweet and savory dishes. It can be used in all grain-based recipes instead of couscous, taboulé, semolina or rice.

-Quinoa is available in various forms: white, black or red seeds, raw or roasted flour and flakes. You can also find quinoa milk or quinoa in various bakery preparations: pasta, bread, etc.

-Quinoa grains can be kept cool in a dry place away from light. Quinoa flour can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer.

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