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Why Wear Perfumes?


The word, the perfume comes from a Latin word that means scented mixtures. Historically, the Egyptians were the first to incorporate the use of perfumes into their culture and religious ceremonies. For instance, cassia and myrrh (a form of cinnamon) was used in mummifying and embalming their dead bodies.

Soon its usage spread to other nationalities like the Persians, the Greek and the Chinese.
However, in the 1900s, the advent of technology gave rise to the inclusion of synthetic ingredients as a substitute to natural perfume ingredients which were becoming scarcer.

This led to mass production of perfumes and the product became available for everyone.

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Also in this era, another perception of perfume was gradually introduced. In addition to the fragrance, other elements such as bottling, wrapping and advertising took priority. Perfumes began to be created as a fashion line supplement.
All these are introductory insights into how perfumes became an intricate part of our culture. Today, the wearing of perfume helps to boost self- confidence in both men and women. For a lot of women, it makes them feel happy, feminine, confident and beautiful.

Perfume has a very strong emotional feel with the ability to shift moods.

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It has an appeal that is both empowering and ephemeral and creates an invisible armor long after the wearer leaves a room.

It even provides a hint of the wearer’s attributes and personality! One sniff of perfume can revive childhood memories, long-forgotten memories of events or any other pleasant ones, bringing up tender feelings links with such a special moment. Perfume wearing facilitates romance and the wonderful art of seduction.

According to studies, women‘s sense of smell is much stronger than men.

Studies also show that men who smell good are more likely to attract good looking women and vice versa. However, this is a debatable topic because more and more women these days are becoming increasingly aware of their need for personal satisfaction and pleasure.

Fragrances, which is the type of scent emitted from perfume is also viewed as an indication of class, a status symbol.

Since there are quite a lot of offensive smelling and cheap perfumes in the market, there are ladies who feel “rich”- financially well-off due to the type of perfume that they wear.
However, perfumes should also be moderately applied. Remember that less is more.

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