13 things everyone does without admitting it


A strange habit, an embarrassing gesture, a weird reflex, or an unusual tic: everyone has their little secrets. You too are doing things that you are not really proud of. Of course, you don’t brag about it. But know that you are surely not alone in making them. The proof? These 25 Things Everyone Does Without Confessing. Is this your case?

Smell your laundry

Smell your laundry

To the naked eye, it’s not obvious whether that piece of laundry – which you want to wear – is “really” dirty. To get it right, you have to go with your nose. Checking the smell of your clothes is one of the things you dare not admit.

Pop your blackheads
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Pop your blackheads

Well installed in front of the bathroom mirror, you go after your blackheads by pressing them to make them burst. The more they explode, the happier you are! Same thing when you pull out your blackheads with a self-cleaning strip: you like to see the results.

bites his nails
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Bite … and spit out your nails

Bite your nails, you admit it. But you don’t tell anyone that you also take a clever (and strange) pleasure to “chomp” on your cuticles and the little skin around your nails. Then? You spit out the small pieces as discreetly as possible.

Look deep in your handkerchief
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Look deep in your handkerchief

Blowing your nose is a trivial act, but no one will dare say that they are checking what is at the bottom of the used tissue. Unhealthy curiosity or trying to find clues about your health? Only you who make this gesture will be able to say it …

Talking to each other in front of the mirror
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Talking to each other in front of the mirror

Some days, you shower yourself with compliments to boost your self-confidence before an important event. Other times you slap yourself on yourself for messing around. Either way, you talk to yourself in front of the mirror, but you don’t tell anyone.

Have songs hidden in your phone
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Have songs hidden in your phone

You never gave it up, but you have songs “hidden” in your phone. In fact, you try to cover them up as best you can. Dubious songs that you love to sing at the top of your lungs in your car, for example.

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Willingly ignore someone

You have a lynx’s eye! A chance! This allows you to be prepared for all eventualities. So, you notice a former high school friend in front of you in a store. Phew! He hasn’t seen you. So you pretend not to see him too or not to recognize him to avoid talking to him. Don’t try to lie: admit that you’ve used this ploy before so you don’t strike up a conversation with someone you don’t really want to see again.

Turn down the music in the car to concentrate
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Turn down the music in the car to concentrate

When you were young, you happily made fun of your father or mother who systematically turned down the volume of the radio, in the car, to parallel parking or even to look up the name of a street. But, you reproduce the same gesture to concentrate … without ever bragging about it, of course!

Run when you close the light
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Run when you close the light

You know there are no monsters that appear when you close a light. But when you turn off the last light, it’s out of control, you hurry!

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Throw your money in the bottom of your bag

At the checkout at the grocery store, you’re so afraid of making people wait or that they’ll grumble at your slowness that you throw your money jumbled into the bottom of your purse to save a few seconds before freeing the checkout. Ask yourself: is it because you gripe when someone in front of you takes more than 2 seconds to close their wallet? Control your impatience!

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Cleaning your toes

Not only do you remove what is between all of your toes with your fingers, but you are fiercely fighting with your teeth on the nails of your toes! Eh yes! Quiet! We promise we won’t tell anyone!

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Pretend to talk on the phone

When you’re crossing a dark street, when you don’t want to be bothered by a coworker, or when you want to avoid a conversation, you pretend you’re talking to someone on the phone. However, to be credible, be sure to turn off the ringer on your phone so that your deception is not exposed!

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Play detective

You proclaim yourself a person who is not jealous. Not at all, even! This is half true … and half false! What is certain is that you are curious. You examine photos of your exes and their newfound love to analyze their new life without you. But, you don’t tell anyone!

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