Hello, my name is Linda  Hutchison I became interested in natural beauty in my mid-twenties, developing my own formulas in my kitchen, and finding them significantly
more effective than the high-priced products that I would waste my money on during high school and college. pore-reducing, chemical-containing conventional beauty potions with extravagant labels and outrageous price tags.

After some research into essential oils and herbal medicine, and using only the restorative powers of natural ingredients, I developed formulas that worked wonders for my baby’s precious skin.
I am a professionally trained herbalist and studied Aromatherapy & Essential Oils at Bastyr University. I also teach an introductory course on Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, and in 2018, I launched a beauty blog called lifebig.me where I create step-by-step tutorials for creating your own natural skincare recipes.

My blog has turned out to be quite popular and is visited by thousands of fantastic folks
from around the world every day.

Oh, you can also contact me, if you have some feedback about the blog or if you have any questions.

I hope you enjoy it

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