How to properly care for your hair at home? We reveal the secrets…


Beautiful hair is not always a “gift of nature,” but often long, shiny hair requires daily proper care. Shiny and soft hair is not only an improvement in appearance. It is also an indicator of health, so it is important to know how to properly care for your hair at home.

care for your hair at home
care for your hair at home

The basic principles and rules of home hair care

In order for your “hair” to become healthy and look appropriate, you need to be careful about how you care for it. Hair gets its energy from the hair follicles, and its strength and shine depends on the condition of the scales. Sebaceous glands also matter, and how much your hair gets dirty depends on it. Therefore, the following principles should be followed when taking care of your hair:

– Improve blood flow to the hair follicles;

– Restore the cortical layer;

– Normalize the production of sebum.

Proper Scalp Washing

How do I take care of my hair? The first thing to think about is washing your hair. It is with the washing of the head begins the care of them, and here you need to follow some rules:

– Wash your hair as often as necessary. It is not necessary to wash your hair daily, if it is not necessary. If it is a necessary measure, then buy a shampoo suitable for daily use.

– Choose the right shampoo. Choose a shampoo with your own hair type in mind. If after washing the hair is dull or dandruff appeared, it means that the product is not suitable and it should be changed.

– Comb your hair before washing it. This will avoid tangling, and also distribute greasy grease evenly.

– Wash your hair with warm water. The water temperature should not be more than 45 degrees. But it should not be cold, as your hair will not wash out well.

– Wash your hair twice. Apply the shampoo twice, then you can rinse your hair thoroughly.

– Rinse your hair with cool water. This will close the scales of the hair, making the hair smooth, and normalize the production of sebum.

Balms and rinses

After washing your head with shampoo, it is necessary to apply a hair balm. It is necessary to neutralize alkali, close the scales of hair and cover each hair strand with a protective coating. It should be applied to wet hair, wait a few minutes, and then rinse. After the balm hair becomes soft and easy to comb.

It is also advisable to use other hair care products, such as a rinse. It does not need to be rinsed out, it provides nourishment to the hair.

Drying and styling

Drying and styling your hair can be very damaging, so you should use some recommendations. Do not brush hair when it is wet as this can be very damaging. It’s a good idea to let the hair dry naturally, then put some heat protection on it before blow-drying it. If possible you should refuse to blow dry your hair and curling irons.

Hair Masks

In order to give your hair the nutrition it needs, it is necessary to use a mask once a week. It is not necessary to buy professional hair care, you can use homemade recipes, the main thing is to take into account your hair type.

Vitamins and hair supplements

Vitamins A, E and B, are essential for healthy hair and accelerating hair growth. You can buy both special supplements for hair with vitamins, and vitamins in ampoules, which can be added to shampoo or mask.

General recommendations for proper hair care

In hair care it is important to take care of your hair regularly and choose the right products. If with regularity all is clear, with the choice of means often there are problems. You just need to find out your hair type and buy products only for your hair type. It is also worth paying attention to products with natural ingredients. It is recommended to choose care products from the same line.

Now you know how to properly care for your hair. If you follow these recommendations, you will soon see that your hair is smoother and shinier, and that hair loss has decreased.

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