Tips on Good House keeping


Avoid anything left on the floor or dumped in the living room or anywhere in the house if it has no business being there. Pick up that candy wrapper or those dirty clothes and put them in the trash or dirty laundry bin. A small effort goes a long way when it comes to keeping the house clean and clutter-free. Keep things in place. 

Make sure books are in the bookshelves and pillows on the sofa and not the other way around. Keep things in their right places at all times to avoid having to rearrange everything. 

By Budimir Jevtic /


This makes it easier to find things and to store things as well. Everybody has to have their designated cleaning assignments, it might be a little tidying up task, or a sweeping task or a scrubbing task, when you out them all together, and it’s a well-oiled cleaning household.  

Make sure to clean up after yourself. You don’t have a helper to follow you around all day and clean up after you so keep your stuff clean and anything you use, you clean right away. When doing house chores or errands around the house, turn up some music, dance and have fun cleaning. 

When your spirits are up, you can cover more places to clean and have a happy disposition doing it. Other Cleaning hacks to keep in mind: Always keep a bottle filled with cleanser and paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom for easy cleaning quick fixes.  

Put cleansers and other cleaners in a plastic bag or container so you can easily tote them around the places you need to clean. Always try to clean each room everyday even for quick periods of time; this will make it easier for you when the general cleaning time comes around. 

Don’t do all things at once. Do one task at a time and finish your tasks first before going to another, otherwise, you’ll never get anything done. For a lampshade that’s pleated, use a paintbrush to dust the dirt or vacuum it with the dust brush attachment.  

For flat lampshades, you can use a lint roller to remove the dust and dirt or use a blow dryer to remove dirt. Just set it on high and it will blow those dust away. To prevent dirt and dust on you floor, try to make use of socks or shoe plastic covers when entering the house or at least in your bedroom.