four plants to aid digestion


four plants to aid digestion

How to facilitate digestion?
Meals too rich, intestinal imbalances or excess of soft drinks, everyone can at any time become the victim of poor digestion. Fortunately, some plants can help digestion. Far from being limited to their ornamental side, plants can be, in many situations, an excellent alternative to drugs in view of their health benefits.



1-Star anise
The star anise, in addition to enhancing the dishes, is an ally of choice to fight gastric disorders. This spice is effective against bloating and intestinal gas. Anethol, the active ingredient in star anise, also calms pains and upset stomachs. To enjoy the benefits of star anise, its consumption can be made in the form of infusion with a dose per cup of 0.5 g to 1 g.
2-Aloe vera juice
Ingredient frequently used in cosmetics, Aloe vera is particularly known for its benefits to the skin. This plant, however, has other virtues including improving and maintaining a good internal balance. The food Aloe vera gel is composed of vitamins, minerals, and salicylic acid among others, making it effective for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal disorders. This gel has anti-inflammatory and healing properties while promoting better assimilation of nutrients and improving intestinal comfort.

3- The angelic
Angelica or “angels grass”, thanks to the active ingredients found in its roots, is also one of the natural solutions to use in case of intestinal disorders and difficult digestion. This plant has antioxidants and essential oil that is effective in reducing flatulence, bloating, spasms and stomach cramps. To take advantage of its benefits, taking a capsule of concentrated extract of angelica root is done during meals with half a glass of water. Two capsules a day, to be taken twice, are usually sufficient to combat difficult digestion.

4 – ginger roots
The use of ginger rhizome to treat digestive disorders is not new. Indeed, ginger has been used in medicine for thousands of years. This one intervenes at different levels of the intestinal health notably by the improvement of the gastric emptying. Two capsules of dry extract of ginger rhizome a day are enough to obtain an optimal result. The intake is one capsule before each meal with half a glass of water.

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