Black dots: two grandmother’s tricks


What to do against blackheads?
There are remedies of yesteryear to fight blackheads and get rid of excess oil from the skin.

By Geinz Angelina/


Cut an untreated potato into slices. Apply the pucks directly to your blackheads while massaging. Renew the operation once a day. This trick eliminates excess oil from the skin and prevents the appearance of blackheads.

 The lemon
Cut 1 lemon in half. Take a Cotton Swab that you soak with lemon juice. Dab the black-dot areas of the face. You have to do it twice a day for a full week.. Attention, the lemon is photosensitizing, be careful not to expose you to the sun after its application on the skin!

I get inspiration from nature and things around me I like to share my experiences with others

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