Homemade remedies to help get rid of bed bugs


What are bugs?

Tiny, oval-shaped, and brown in color – bedbugs are insects that survive on animal and human blood. Bedbugs are not able to fly, but they do have the ability to move swiftly wherever they go. Immature bedbugs, also termed as nymphs, are said to shed their skins five times until reaching a state of maturity.



But, before they shed their skin each time, they need to have a meal of blood for sure. Adult bed bugs become the size of an apple seed once they become mature, with their color taking in a more reddish tint.
When the conditions are right, bedbugs can grow up completely within a period of one month, as well as give birth to over three generations in one year. Although bedbugs are considered to be bothersome, they are not believed to be disease-transmitting insects.

Where to find bed bugs?

Some of the most common hiding places of bedbugs include beds, mattresses, couches, luggage, clothing, bed linens as well as all such places that make it easy for them to feed on the blood of people. Because bedbugs have tiny and flat bodies, it becomes quite easy for them to fit into such hiding places.

The other reason why bedbugs live in such hiding places is because they are not supposed to be an insect species that live in nests like their other counterparts. Bedbugs tend to reside in groups in certain hiding places, and when the time is right for them to come out during the night, they scatter and spread to reach their targets. Bedbugs are as likely to be found in tidy hotel rooms and homes, as in dirty ones. Hence, having bed bugs on bed in your home doesn’t necessarily need to be seen as a sign of dirtiness. Read more on the next page

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