Quick Tips : Good Sleep Habits


The following tips about sleeping to strengthen your immune system make sense for all ages:

Good Sleep Habits
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• Go to bed and awake at the same time each day, even on weekends. There is no way to make up for “lost sleep.”

• Establish a daily “cool-down” time. One hour before bedtime dim the lights and eliminate noise. Use this time for low-level stimulation activities such as listening to quiet music or reading non-stimulating material.

• Associate beds with resting only. Talk on the phone or scan the Internet elsewhere.

• Do not drink beverages containing caffeine in the evening. Caffeine’s stimulating effects will peak two to four hours after consumption, but they can linger in the body for several hours.

• Don’t eat dinner close to bedtime, and don’t overeat. Sleep can be disrupted by digestive systems working extra hard after a heavy meal. Have a light dinner.

• Avoid exercise close to bedtime. Physical activity late in the day can affect your body’s ability to relax into a peaceful slumber.

Natural Sleep Protocol

• Before bed take a warm Epsom salts bath with lavender oil added. This will relax your muscles and mind, promoting restful sleep.

• Try some Sleepy Time or chamomile tea sweetened with stevia extract before you go to bed.

• CalMax Powder, which is a highly absorbable calcium-magnesium supplement, will help you sleep through the night. Kava and passionflower are natural relaxers, along with valerian root; they help ease tension and cause you to feel sleepy.

• Carbohydrates can also help to induce sleep. Pasta for dinner with vegetables (no meat) is the way to go.

• You may snack on brown rice, banana, or warm milk with honey.

• Try 3 mg of melatonin on a temporary basis to help reset your biological clock.

• Consider exercise. It is a wonderful stress reliever, which will in turn lighten your mental load.

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