“What kind of Bob would you recommend for a woman 50+?” a reader asked.


I don’t divide haircuts by age categories. When choosing the right option, it is important to consider the quality of the hair, the thickness. Also, the choice will depend on the shape of the face, although most Bobs are versatile

simple hair
Versatile bob options that will fit any face shape

Asymmetrical and flat bobs with a length just below the chin will suit almost any woman. To diversify the shape will help layers at the top of the head and different types of bangs.

The haircut is easy to style, it will not require frequent correction. It grows back beautifully, so it is perfect for those who grow their hair. Suitable for those who prefer a classic feminine look.

simple hair
Multilayered Bobs for different hair lengths.

The owners of thick, thick or medium hair should try multi-layered Bobs. The length of the layers can vary as desired.

Such haircuts usually do not require filleting, because the technique allows you to eliminate unwanted thick hair. Already in the process of cutting, with the help of the angles of the pull-offs and the cut, the thick hair is eliminated.

simple hair
2 variants of the Bob for curly hair. The photo on the right is a cascade haircut. I couldn’t get past it, it’s cool and will work for those whose hair is unruly and frizzy.

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