Damaged hair: 7 habits that destroy your hair


Avoid These 7 Worst Habits That “Destroy” Your Hair! Instead, adopt these beauty habits to sublimate and highlight your hair.

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The worst habits to avoid that damage your hair

Your sleeping beauty sleep could have disastrous consequences for the health and beauty of your hair. Here are 7 tips to prolong the shine and health of your hair.

You damage your hair if you sleep with wet hair

Hair is more vulnerable when it is wet. Going to bed right after your shower could mess up your ends and crotch your ends, says celebrity stylist Ted Gibson. “Wet hair that rubs against the pillowcase overnight can scratch the cuticles and become dry and backcombed,” he explains.

If you shower at night, make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed, he advises.

You still have your hair tied

A bun keeps your hairstyle from the day before, says Gibson. However, pulling your hair too tight in a bun or ponytail can damage it. “If your hair stays tied day or night, your elastic or headband could cause friction breakage,” adds Kylee Heath, the celebrity hairstylist.

If it’s impossible for you to live without tying your hair up, sleep with braids: they’re gentler on the hair and give it nice waves, she suggests.

You tie your hair

Never use a tight elastic. “Elastics, especially if your hair is wet, tend to form a crease that pulls on the entire surrounding area,” Gibson warns. He suggests using bobby pins, while Kylee Heath opts for a scrunchie with a soft fabric tie that’s softer than a rubber band.

Cotton bedding can be hard on your mane

Silk is softer than cotton and isn’t as harsh on your hair when you rest your head on the pillow. “The contact of the silk with the hair does not create any friction,” says Kylee Heath. “This material decreases frizz and hair loss when you move.” Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase for royal sleep and a stunning hairstyle.

You skip the brushing step

Your mom was right: brushing your hair before going to bed is a great way to boost your mane. Your scalp gives off natural oils that brushing distributes to all strands. “Distributing these natural oils to your hair before bed stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, which encourages growth,” says Gibson.
As an added bonus, brushing is relaxing and might help you sleep better, plus better sleep equals healthier hair, he adds.

You do not rehydrate your hair deeply

If you wash your hair in the morning, take advantage of the evening to revitalize it with products that you will rinse out when you wake up. Kylee Heath likes to soak his ends in a moisturizing conditioner, while Ted Gibson favors coconut oil. “… That restores the cuticles and hydrates the hair during your eight hours of sleep,” he says. In the morning, wash off the conditioner or oil for silky hair.

You go to bed without removing your hairspray

“Hairspray can really dry out hair,” warns Kylee Heath. Likewise, she advises against rinsing it off since it is not good to sleep with wet hair. Remove tweezers and pins and use a leave-in conditioner to dissolve the hairspray; then, brush your hair to remove it.

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