Eye makeup “lift effect” in 5 steps


Pulled lines, droopy eyelids, fine lines … A few precise gestures and well-chosen products are enough to refresh the eyes—5-step demonstration.

To reduce your wrinkles and droopy eyelids, a few daily actions are enough. We reveal an adapted skincare ritual and make-up tips.

Makeup with a black eye close-up
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Prepare the skin

Before applying make-up, apply an eye contour treatment, stored in the refrigerator. The skin is thus hydrated, plumped, and smoothed. Warning: makeup products applied without going through the skincare step turn dull, grip the skin, and can form small clumps of pigments.

Dilute the concealer

We refresh the eye area immediately and do not mark the wrinkles by mixing a drop of concealer with a drop of eye care (gel). Apply the mixture by tapping gently. Perfect for giving radiance and not marking the skin too much, especially if the concealer is a little thick.

Stretch eyeshadows towards the temples
We always work the darkest shade along the lashes with an upward movement. If the color overflows downwards, look tired and look old assured.

Avoid smudging

The trick: you can put a small piece of tape under the temple, on the outside of the eye, to define the area to be made up.

If you prefer to apply makeup freehand, you “erase” the eyeshadows applied too low with a cotton swab covered with concealer.

Blur the eyelids

On droopy eyelids, we play dullness. We forget the pearly and glitter eyeshadows, which accentuate the volumes and give an even more tired look. On the top of the eyelid, up to the brow bone, opt for a matte, nude, or rosé eye shadow. At the level of the eyelashes, a darker shade is blurred, which can be bespangled or pearly if you want to emphasize the look.

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