Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell So Good


First, why homemade air freshener? Regardless of the kind of life that you lead or the profession that you specialize in, there’s no doubt that you love staying in a good smelling home. When you look at the air fresheners that are available in stores today, the variety is simply overwhelming. New manufacturers are coming into the market every single day.

Unlike homemade air fresheners, store-bought air fresheners are not always safe for the users. In their quest to outshine each other, the manufacturers of these products have come up with lots of methods of having the cheapest and long-lasting formulas that have ended up causing more harm than good. What we don’t know is that most of these air fresheners have ingredients that are harmful to us and the environment. Here are some of the harmful ingredients that are commonly used in air fresheners.

Common Harmful Ingredients in Commercial Air Fresheners :

It’s true that commercial air fresheners are convenient and very easy to use. However, is this convenience worth risking your health? While you may think that you are creating a pleasant internal environment, you may be exposing yourself and anybody who breathes the scents from the air freshener at risk.

Clearly, these air fresheners will bring you more problems as you innocently try to make your home a better place to live in. In addition to all well as health risks, these air fresheners cost more when compared to making your own homemade air fresheners.