Two home remedies for gray hair. Do not dye the hair, but return the natural pigment.


Do you have a lot of gray hair? I have a lot.

Early gray hair can be caused by hormonal problems, among other things. And you have to dye your hair all the time.

Artificial dyes are very drying and thinning the hair, so this is not the best way to solve the problem.

I’ve been wanting to get my hair color back so I don’t have to dye the roots all the time. And recently I found a couple of folk ways to bring back their natural color and shine.


Два домашних средства от седины. Не красят волосы, а возвращают природный пигмент.

They are easy to make and use at home, and they cost mere pennies.

Why do we go gray?

The color of our hair is created by the pigment melanin, which is produced by the body. Melanocytes, which are located at the roots of the hair, are responsible for this. From them, the melanin is transferred by the cells to the keratinocytes, from which the hair itself is formed. When less and less melanin is released, the hair loses its color and appears white.

Why does this happen?

Over the years, or for other reasons, the enzymes that break down hydrogen peroxide begin to work less well. When it accumulates in the body, it damages the enzymes responsible for melanin production. In general, this process is quite complex and involves a whole chain of chemical reactions.

In fact, the hair doesn’t actually turn white, but loses color, i.e. it becomes transparent. And because hair becomes less dense and has cavities inside, when the light passes through it, it scatters and appears white to us.

I get inspiration from nature and things around me I like to share my experiences with others

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