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Fleas are insects from the Siphonaptera order. The scientific name of the cat flea is Ctenocephalides felis while that of the dog flea is Ctenocephalides canis.

Fleas are usually found on dogs and cats. They are wingless insects with mouth-parts that are adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood.

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Flea Bite Symptoms:

Symptoms of flea bites include red, itchy swellings and in some situations, they can cause papular urticaria with numerous red, itchy swellings. Bullae (fluid-filled swellings) can also develop. Flea bites are usually grouped in small clusters though they can also have linear or random patterns.

Fleas from cats and dogs usually bite around the ankle and other areas below the knee since they have easier access to these areas. They can also be on the hands of a person who love petting their pets.

Children are more sensitive to flea bites than adults and thus more likely to develop allergic reactions. Flea bites should not be scratched since this can lead to infection and aggravate the itching. sign of fleas in cats.

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